start with Discovery


When we start thinking about website design we begin by taking a step back. We have a discovery process designed to get to know you and your business and establishing a game plan.

Companies typically come to us in one of two ways: Either they come to us with a specific deliverable: “I need a website, logo, brochure” or they come to us knowing they need a better brand image or design but don’t know where to begin or what pieces to start with.

Our process allows us to quickly identify what is needed, and in what order those items should be delivered to be most effective. Then we work with you to create a plan of action that fits your timeframe and budget.


What to Say and how to say it


Can you explain what your company does and the products or services you offer in just a few sentences? If not, you are not alone. Most companies today use too much industry jargon or non-intuitive acronyms to communicate. When this language is translated to the web, it becomes confusing and a barrier to new and returning customers.

That’s where we come in. We'll help you identify and focus on the basics: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Once we determine those key ideas, we'll craft clear and concise content that speaks directly to your target market and works sync with your business and creative strategy.


Your Logo, Website, Brand Identity and Beyond


What is brand identity? It is the visual foundation of a brand on which all the supporting brand assets will be built upon. Building an identity typically starts with creating a logo. A good logo strives to evoke emotion, is unique, memorable, and timeless. Once established, colors are determined, typefaces, key imagery, and all the necessary supporting elements to begin building recognition for your brand.

We create helpful tools like brand books (sometimes called style guides or brand guidelines) to help ensure the best image of your brand is carried through to your audience, and that your team has the tools they need to take ownership of your brand.


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